AKP district head in Antalya built 17 illegal villas and 19 greenhouses

President of Agriculture Forest-Is Sukru Durmus, He brought to light the scandals in Antalya.

“Antalya coasts, one of the most beautiful cities of our country and the world, are being plundered” said Durmuş, in the Beymelek-Köşkerler location within the boundaries of the Demre Forest Management Chief, AKP Demre District President Holiday Beekeeper and 17 illegal villas were built by his relatives. Durmuş stated that the court had issued a demolition decision for these villas and that the decision was not fulfilled.

Durmuş stated that 12 greenhouses were built illegally in the forest area in Beymelek-Köşkerler locality. “Forest conservation officer Murat Erol, who went to the field to carry out the take-back application, was threatened by AKP district head Arıcı. One day later, he was assigned to Kaş Kalkan on a temporary duty by Antalya Forest Regional Manager Vedat Dikici” said.

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He stated that Officer Erol was the only security guard in his region. “There is need” Emphasizing that he was assigned to Kaş Kalkan, where there are 3 guards, Durmuş said, “Then he was assigned to Malatya. This situation caused those who committed crimes there to act more freely and 7 more greenhouses were built in addition to 12 illegal greenhouses. used his statements.


Kaş Forestry Operations Manager, who came to the agenda with the sand theft scandal in Patara Suleyman Demir, Kalkan Forestry Operations Chief Aydin Ersoy, AKP district administrators and owner of Fay-Spring Company Mustafa Bahar’Durmuş, who said that the corruption in the region continues, said that cadastral work was carried out in the region and this was detected.

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Durmuş stated that the inspectors of the OGM Inspection Board canceled the cadastral work in 17 parcels. “An investigation permission has been granted against the members of the relevant cadastral commission, Forestry Operations Manager Süleyman Demir and Operations Chief Aydın Ersoy. The Inspection Board has done its job, but it has been kept on hold for 6 months saying ‘The AKP will suffer in the elections’. I called Antalya Regional Director of Forestry Vedat Dikici and asked, ‘Why don’t you implement this decision?’ He replied, ‘Let the elections pass, then I will ask all of them to account'” used his statements.

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Stressing that they brought the issue to the court, Durmuş “Having a decision on hold for 6 months is abuse of power” he said.

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