AK Party is ready for elections with 2 thousand lawyers and 100 thousand observers

In his written statement, AK Party Ankara Provincial Chairman Hakan Han Özcan emphasized that they gave a lesson in democracy to the whole world with a participation rate of 85 percent on May 14. “But now we have a more important vote there is. On May 14, our people showed that they were in favor of stability and gave their parliamentary majority to the AK Party, which has been working day and night for its country for 21 years. Now, we will go to the polls again on May 28 to complete the unfinished business,” he said. For this, I invite all our citizens to vote.”

Calling once again for the citizens to vote before the second round of the 28 May Presidential elections, AK Party Ankara Provincial Chairman Hakan Han Özcan said, “The Crusader armies, united in Çanakkale during the War of Independence, are united against us. They are doing their best to achieve at the ballot box what they could not achieve on the field on July 15. I hope the grandchildren of Nene Hatun, Şerife Bacı and Nezahat Corporal will win this fight with the wisdom of their minds. He will give the necessary answer by ensuring record participation in the elections that will be held tomorrow.

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“Voting is honor.” AK Party Ankara Provincial Chairman Hakan Han Özcan said, “None of our citizens should think, ‘If I don’t vote, nothing will change’. One vote can change the fate of our country. All our citizens, young and old, should go to the polls and cast their votes. The election to be held tomorrow is not only to elect the President but also to determine the future of our country. We opened the doors of the Century of Türkiye in the 14 May elections. Hopefully, we will open those doors wide with the choice we will make tomorrow.” Ozcan continued:

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“In the 14 May elections, our citizens showed that they are in favor of stability by giving the AK Party its majority in the parliament. Even though there are those who try to cast a shadow on our democracy with the anti-democratic statements made on election night, the result is clear and obvious. Our nation gave a lesson in democracy to those who made those statements and to the world with a record turnout. As our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, stated, we should not fall into complacency in the elections to be held tomorrow. Complacency and intoxication of victory are our worst enemies. I hope our nation will go to the polls and give the necessary answer, without a single fire, to those who shouted freedom for Apo and freedom for Selahattin Demirtaş before the 14 May elections, those who did not give their rights to earthquake victims, and those who tried to become nationalists all of a sudden after the elections. It will not give an opportunity to the evil centers that come together and come against us at the ballot box as they do on the field.”

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