Ajax football player Steven Berghuis, who punched the fans, apologized

In the 34th and last week of the league, the video of Berghuis punching a fan before getting on the team bus after his team lost 3-1 to Twente, which was the guest, became a topic of discussion in the country’s public.

According to the reports in the Dutch press, Berghuis, who could not control his anger because a fan made a racist insult to his teammate Brian Brobbey, carried out the action in question.

Making a written statement on the subject, the 31-year-old player said, “I regret my action. I shouldn’t have done this. People think that he can say whatever he wants to anyone. I accepted what happened. My action did not solve anything. As a football player who set an example to the society with the Ajax jersey, what I did was not nice. I apologize.” used his statements.

Berghuis, who took part in 45 games for the Netherlands National Team, scored 11 goals in 42 matches in all lanes in Ajax, which finished 3rd in the league this season.

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