Air conditioning and swimming trigger shoulder pain

The shoulder joint allows our arm to move easily in all directions. The shoulder joint, which is the most flexible joint in our body, has a complex structure and is very vulnerable to injuries and injuries due to its flexibility. Traumas in the shoulder area can cause pain. Sometimes the weakness in muscle development here can also cause the shoulder joint to dislocate. Shoulder pain can have different causes. Shoulder pain is usually caused by soft tissue damage that surrounds the bones and creates mobility. Shoulder impingement syndrome, on the other hand, sometimes occurs with a reaching movement with the arm raised above the head level.

In addition to pain originating from the shoulder joint, shoulder pain can be felt with the reflection of problems in different parts of the body. Some factors such as circulatory disorders, inflammation of the shoulder nerves, heart and lung problems, neck hernia, diabetes can also cause shoulder pain. Swimming may not always be beneficial for health. In summer, time is often spent in the pool and sea. Swimming, which is usually recommended to patients with many musculoskeletal disorders or those who receive physical therapy for different problems, turns into an activity that needs attention for those who feel pain in their shoulder. In particular, patients diagnosed with shoulder impingement syndrome, edema and partial tear should avoid certain movements in the pool and sea. Free swimming in the form of forward strokes and supine shoulder strokes are extremely inconvenient for patients with this type of disorder.

This type of swimming can make shoulder-related ailments more problematic, especially if done quickly. If you are having problems, do not strain your shoulder while swimming. If some mechanical problems are not treated early, they reduce the quality of life and begin to disrupt daily life. If shoulder pain persists for more than two days, the cause of the pain should be found by a specialist physician and the appropriate treatment process should be initiated. Air conditioners can also cause shoulder pain In summer, it is necessary to be careful not only while swimming, but also in the vehicle and other environments. In intense heat, the cold air blown by the air conditioner in the vehicle or other closed environments should be prevented from coming directly on the body. Cold air coming directly into the body can cause pain in the shoulder or in different areas after a while. Apart from this, in order to avoid shoulder pain, lifting heavy loads and reaching out that cause the arms to stay above the head for a long time should be avoided.

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