Ahmet Nur Cebi drew attention to the financial structure: ‘It is not possible to say ‘Messi should come’

Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi conveyed his views on the financial structure of the black and white club.

Cebi, “Now you have to think of football like a company. Our club is also suffering from financial difficulties. Clubs are affected by the economies in which they operate and by careless spending. The mill does not turn with transport water. You have to create resources. Infrastructure should be given importance. We must train young football players at low cost and send them with high testimonial fees. No choice but to make money” said.

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Besiktas Club President Cebi, about the transfers made without considering the cost, “If clubs spend more than their income, they get into debt. When these debts enter the interest spiral, the situation becomes unmanageable. Many clubs are changing hands around the world. Our fans do not welcome this situation as we are a historical club. There is a section that asks how you can borrow Beşiktaş, but there is another section that says how the championship will come, and does not make any calculations. The secret of the success of European football is the infrastructure. Doing nothing is not saying ‘Messi should come here’. First we make money, then we spend” he said.

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