Agile force and construction equipment entered the neighborhood

After the Tokatköy and Hacıhüsre neighborhoods, a morning raid was also made on Tozkoparan. Riot riot teams were sent to the region in the early hours of the morning for the demolition of 4 empty buildings in the Tozkoparan District of Güngören, Istanbul.

The teams blockading the neighborhood did not allow anyone, including the press, to enter. The lawyer of the neighborhood, Onur Cingil, could not enter the closed areas.

Citizens gathered in the iconic Peace Park of the neighborhood, continued their waiting here. CHP Istanbul Deputy Gürsel Tekin also came to the region to support the citizens.

In his speech, Tekin said, “Of course people want to live in safe houses, but for 20 years now what they call urban regeneration has been urban destruction. What is done is to break people’s heads without consent. Take a look at who lives in the urban transformation houses, which are shown as an example” said.


Nur Krim, one of the residents of the region, reacted to the events and said: “I am 30 years old, I have always voted for this party and I regret it. There are so many cops but I don’t feel safe. The police are here to kick me out of my house.

There was no point in working for years and buying a house, the state collapsed on it after a while. With this mentality, I leave a debt to my child, not an inheritance.” he said.

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