After Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra urges all to aid India during corona crisis, impressed fans thanked them

Priyanka Chopra on Thursday urged the international community to contribute funds to assist India, which she explained will be”bleeding” because of a barbarous second wave of this coronavirus pandemic.

Shortly after her article, her singer-actor husband Nick Jonas also shared with a post appealing to contribute for the nation. Sharing an infographic which reads,”India wants our aid”, Nick wrote,”India wants our help.

Please give what you can. I really like you India.” Seeing Nick’s article, a range of Indian lovers took on the remark box lauding him for his attempts. Nick, who’s fondly known as’jiju’ at India received lots of thanking notes out of his supporters because of his article.

An Instagram user “India enjoys you also jiju,” Still another said,”Thanks for the service ” Whereas many others fall folding and heart hands emojis within this article. Have a look:

As stated by the Union Health Ministry’s information on Thursdaythat the nation saw a list single day increase of 3,79,257 coronavirus illnesses requiring the entire tally into 1,83,76527.

Over two lakh individuals have perished with a listing 3,645 daily deaths, the information upgraded at 8 am revealed. Expressing her concern within the health infrastructure in India.

Priyanka, in a video published on Twitter on Thursday reported the worldwide community required to care”since unless everybody is protected, nobody is secure”.

“Why do we have to care? Why is it urgent at this time? I’m sitting at London and listening in my family and friends in India about the way bicycles are in danger, there aren’t any chambers at ICUs.

Ambulances are excessively active, oxygen source is much less, crematoriums having mass cremations since the quantity of passing is indeed much. India is my house also India is bleeding,” she explained.

I will let you know why we will need to care – since unless everybody is safe, nobody is safe. Thus, please utilize your tools and concentrate your energy on assisting prevent this outbreak. Please give.”

She said she knows the anger of individuals and that also could probably soon be addressed however, the urgency, now is to contribute and encourage India’s health care system.

The money, she explained will go towards the health care physical infrastructure such as Covid care centers, Isolation facilities and oxygen production plants, health care equipment, vaccine assistance and mobilization.

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