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Children, especially; Clay consumed by pregnant women with vitamin-mineral, especially iron deficiency, does more harm than good, contrary to popular belief. Bariatric Surgery Dietitian Cansu Arslan stated that the continuous and persistent ingestion of substances such as clay, soil, paper, paint and ash is called Pica Syndrome and warned those who seek healing from such substances. Arslan said that if Pica Syndrome is not treated, undesirable conditions such as growth retardation, damage to the intestines due to hard substances eaten and lead accumulation in the body can be seen. Orhun Özfidancı, who is a transfer agent in the city, stated that they do not recommend the use of such products, but they sell because of the intense demands of the customers.

“It is a syndrome most commonly seen in children”

Dietitian Cansu Aslan, stating that Pika Syndrome is the most common disorder in children, said, “Pica Syndrome is the habit of constantly and persistently eating substances such as clay, soil, paper, paint, ash, which are not accepted as food for more than a month. It is a disease that is known as the habit of eating more soil and clay among the people and is most commonly seen in children. The exact cause of Pica Syndrome is unknown. However, it can mostly be caused by psychosocial developmental disorders and some vitamin-mineral deficiencies. Although it has been reported that Pica Syndrome can be seen in deficiencies such as iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin B1, and vitamin B6, the reason has not been fully explained. For example; In iron deficiency anemia seen in people who eat soil and clay, it is not clear whether the patient ate soil due to iron deficiency or iron deficiency due to the soil he ate. However, this situation should be treated, habit should be applied, “he said.

If left untreated, it can lead to many diseases.

Stating that many diseases such as developmental delay occur if Pica Syndrome is not treated, Arslan said, “The treatment of Pica syndrome varies according to the underlying cause. First of all, a complete blood count should be done and nutritional deficiencies should be investigated. Afterwards, psychosocial and neurological development should be evaluated. Especially if children have such a habit, the family should be a good observer. Because if Pica Syndrome is neglected, undesirable conditions such as growth retardation, damages due to hard substances eaten in the intestines, and lead accumulation in the body can occur.

“We do not recommend it to be consumed”

Aktar Orhun Özfidancı mentioned that they do not recommend clay consumption and said, “It is generally eaten by pregnant women because it is the subject of soil eating and craving. It sounds like some citizens want to eat soil in case of anemia, iron deficiency or zinc deficiency. Since they cannot find clean soil, they turn to clay. That’s why there is a type of clay reserved for food in the Zara region of Sivas, and we sell it. It is a product that should not normally be eaten much, but when citizens feel the need to consume it, they buy it. It relieves digestion. Apart from this, they are also used for iron deficiency in anemia. The products that should be used for anemia are certain, we do not recommend the use of such products other than that. However, it is packaged and offered for sale at the request of the customers.

“It gets addictive after a while”

Özfidancı stated that eating clay is addictive and said, “We use clay as a skin mask, but there is a group that wants to eat it. There is a group that does not want. The group that wants it also wants to eat the soil. When they cannot find the soil as clean, they turn to clay. Since Sivas Zara is out in the region, the people of Sivas know this and easily come and get it. It also goes out of the city by cargo. There are many products related to clay. Products such as peeling and clay mask are used a lot in the field of cosmetics. But we normally do not recommend it for eating. They should not eat after a bite. There are also those who are addicted after a bite. There are those who always want to eat, there are customers who constantly want to eat. They also become addicted after a certain period of time.”

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