Acun Ilıcalı is on vacation with his daughters – Last Minute Magazine News

Acun Ilıcalı, who has a daughter named Banu from Seda Başbuğ, whom he was married to between 1989-1993, married Zeynep Yılmaz in 2003, and two daughters, Leyla and Yasemin, were born from this marriage. Ilıcalı, who divorced his second wife in 2016 and joined Şeyma Subaşı in 2017, has a daughter named Melisa from this marriage.

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The famous name, who divorced Subaşı in 2018, has a granddaughter named Begüm after her eldest daughter Banu gave birth.

The 53-year-old successful TV personality, who took her family on vacation to London, the capital of England, did not neglect to share the photo she took with them on her Instagram account.

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