Actress Ecem Karavus: I experience psychological and economic violence from my family – Last Minute Magazine News

Before “Dirty SevenHe took part in productions such as “, “Listen Dear” Ecem KaravusIn the video he published on his social media account, he said that he had been subjected to psychological and economic violence in his family for 50 days.


Ecem Karavus in the video she published; “Hello friends, today I would like to make a great make-up video for you with my gorgeous skin, but in your eyes, we can live completely different lives wherever you put us. This time, I will do anti-bullying make-up. Or rather, the make-up of trying to fix my face that cannot fight violence…” she said.

The famous name continued, “I am experiencing a very bad example of domestic psychological and economic violence that many women are exposed to all over the world, especially in this country. The opportunities for this make-up are limited because I have not been able to reach my personal belongings and my disabled cats that I have been taking care of for 50 days. I feel like I have come out of a disaster.” Leaving is a sign of pure evil. Throughout my life, I have been nourished by kindness and touching lives. I even opposed my family for women’s rights. Remember, nothing that happens is about you, you just came across very bad people in an unlucky period of time. I know you have to keep silent somewhere. . You are not alone, don’t be silent!” he continued.

Karavus’s post received comments of support from many famous names such as Melis İşiten, Sebile Ölmez and Ümit Karalar.

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