Activists steal lambs from King Charles’ Sandringham Estate

Sarah Foy, 23, and Rosa Sharkey, 23, and Rose Patterson, 33, said they surrendered to a Windsor police station yesterday morning for stealing sheep as part of what they call an “open rescue” mission.

The trio, who belong to the Animal Rising campaign group, said they entered Appleton Farm in Norfolk on Wednesday evening, allegedly to take the animals before they were slaughtered.

The trio surrendered to police officers after they said the animals were safe. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the group said the animals were taken to an undisclosed location.

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Before surrendering, the women carried placards with photos of animals they named Sooty, Sunny and Sammy, and slogans such as “I saved the King’s Sheep.”

A spokesperson for Norfolk Police told The Independent that they are “investigating reports that three lambs have been stolen from a farm in West Newton, Norfolk”:

“Three women in their 20s and 30s who voluntarily went to a police station in Slough were detained on suspicion of theft.

They are still in custody.”

Sandringham Manor said it was a police case and “would not comment on an ongoing investigation”.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Foy said:

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“Animals like everyone else want to live their lives safely and without being used or abused. Unfortunately that is not the case in Sandringham or anywhere else in our food system where they are used.

That’s exactly why we saved three sheep today. These three beautiful lambs will now live their lives to the fullest. We urgently need a national conversation about our relationship with other animals and nature.

The Royal Family can be pioneers in this regard; They own about twice the size of Greater London.

It would be an incredible statement if they fully committed to the transition to a safe, secure, plant-based food system and a rewilding program. Repairing our bond with animals is vital in tackling climate and nature crises.”

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The news of the action comes shortly after the Extinction Rebellion group pledged to protest at next month’s Epsom Derby horse race, with a larger turnout than at the Grand National in April.

The race started 14 minutes late after several protesters tried to glue themselves to the fences on the track.

(Source: Independent Turkish)

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