A team of 90 people is searching for the 16-year-old boy who was lost at sea

The search for 16-year-old Ahmet Yusuf Mar, who was swept away by the current in Sinop and disappeared at sea, has entered its 4th day. So far, no trace has been found of the child the 90-person team is looking for.

Bekir Mar (50) and his son Ahmet Yusuf Mar (16), who came to Sinop from Istanbul for a holiday and set up a tent on Akliman Beach, went into the sea to cool off around 13:00 on September 7.

After a while, father and son were swept away by the current. Many teams were sent to the region upon notice from the surrounding people.

While lifeguards rescued the father who was in danger of drowning, Ahmet Yusuf Mar could not be found.

Bekir Mar was taken to Sinop Atatürk State Hospital and received treatment. He was discharged due to his treatment.

STATEMENT FROM SINOP GOVERNORSHIP Sinop Municipality, Coast Guard Command and divers from Samsun started an operation to find Ahmet Yusuf Mar, but no trace has been found so far. In the written statement made by Sinop Governorship; It was reported that 90 personnel continue their work from air, land and sea with the support of drones. It was reminded that Sinop Provincial Police Department, Sinop Municipality, Coast Guard Command, AFAD Sinop Provincial Directorate and UMKE teams took part in the work. It was stated that a helicopter from the Coast Guard Black Sea Regional Command also supported the work.

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