A method to protect children from the effects of the digital age: Gymnastics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently published Understanding Trends in Youth Participation In Sport According to research, 55% of young people enjoy their time at school more on days when they do physical activity.

In the study conducted with 5 thousand young people and 2 thousand parents from 10 countries, it was noted that young people who do sports at least once a week have a more positive mood and have higher self-confidence than those who do sports once a month. Founder of Gymnastics Plus, who underlines that children should start sports at an early age. Holy October explains the benefits of doing gymnastics at an early age.

Stating that with the widespread use of digitalization, children spend long hours with devices such as tablets, phones and game consoles, and that it is necessary for them to be directed to sports in order to socialize and be healthier, Mukaddes Ekim said, “Children who move for at least 1 hour a day will have positive effects both physically and mentally.” “We see it developing in that direction,” he said.


Stating that the use of technological devices has now decreased to very young ages, Ekim said that the limited mobility of children, especially in big cities, increases the need for physical activity and said:

“Children need to make sports a part of their daily lives in order to be healthy individuals, both physically and mentally. Children who start sports, especially with gymnastics, actually lay the foundation for all other sports branches. Because children who do gymnastics become more flexible and improve their balance, strength and conditioning.” “The height and weight of the child who does gymnastics regularly progresses proportionally, and posture disorders are prevented.”


Stating that gymnastics is beneficial in many ways, Mukaddes Ekim said, “Doing gymnastics, in stress and hyperactivity disorder displaying calmer behavior, adapting to group work It also supports children on issues such as. We work with our professional team to help children enjoy sports such as gymnastics at an early age, to encourage them to live a healthier life, and to reveal their potential. We offer different trainings for children between the ages of 3 and 13 in our gym. We play a role in the training of future star athletes by implementing our long-term plans and programs. “We dream of raising individuals who will be world champions in the future,” he said.


Stating that they also provide training in adult gymnastics, which is not very common in Turkey, Mukaddes Ekim said, “We have been trying to promote gymnastics in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, for 2 years. Our motto is ‘It’s never too late to start gymnastics.’ Anyone who does or does not do active sports can participate in adult gymnastics training, which helps increase flexibility and strengthen muscles. This branch, preferred by those who want to get away from daily work stress, is an effective method to support physical and mental health. Those who want to improve in flexibility, balance and strength, those who are bored of working with ordinary equipment, and those who want to support their sports such as fitness, yoga and dance also attend our trainings. “We offer courses to athletes of all ages with our trained and professional coaches in parkour, adult gymnastics, yoga and running groups,” he said.

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