A meteorite fell in the garden of the Turkish family in Germany: They receive offers of millions – Last Minute World News

On April 25, several meteorites fell on Elmshorn, Germany. The biggest piece of meteorite fell in the garden of expatriate Mahmut Şahin and his family.

Mahmut Şahin, regarding the meteoroid that was discovered by family members who went out to the garden after dinner, said, “We called the fire department, there was a stone the size of a handball ball in the crater. At first, we couldn’t understand what it was. My daughters wanted a test with a magnet. Because the meteorite remains magnetic even hours after the impact. They knew. Normal rocks or stones don’t do that.” said.

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Extremely popular in Germany, the meteorite is believed to be around 4.5 billion years old.

Mahmut Şahin announced that he received offers from meteorite collectors from all over the world. Stating that they received many offers from Germany and the USA, up to 200 thousand euros, Şahin said, “We fell in love with the stone. That’s why we want to make it accessible to other people.” said. For this reason, he stated that they wanted to give the meteorite to various museums, at least for a certain period of time.

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It will become clear in the coming weeks when the meteorite will be displayed in museums or whether the family will decide to sell it.

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