A message of solidarity from Idlib graffiti artist Aziz Esmer to the people of Morocco

Known for describing important events taking place around the world by drawing them on the walls of destroyed buildings in Idlib. Brunette from Idlibthis time too morocco earthquakeHe discussed what.

He painted the suffering of the Moroccan people who experienced an earthquake on the wall of a building that collapsed as a result of the attacks of the Syrian army in the Binnish town in the north of Idlib.

Painting the word “Zilzel”, which means “earthquake” in Turkish, Esmer painted the words “Your pain is our pain, Get well soon Morocco” on the buildings that collapsed in the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş.

Graffiti artist Esmer said in his statement, “We saw the disaster in Morocco and we were sorry for the pain of our brothers.”

Stating that they wanted to support by drawing a message of solidarity on the wall of the collapsed house, Esmer said, “Your pain is our pain, we felt it with you, we experienced these terrible moments too. We wish a speedy recovery.”


A magnitude 7 earthquake occurred in the El-Huz region of Marrakesh, Morocco, on September 8 at 23.10 local time. It was reported that the earthquake affected the capital Rabat, as well as the cities of Casablanca, Meknes, Agadir and Fes. The Moroccan Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that 2 thousand 12 people have died and 2 thousand 59 people have been injured so far in the earthquake.

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