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The architect Mariana de Delás set out to reform this Majorcan tool house after confinement. “It belongs to some friends and my goal was to maximize a space that is minimal and make it habitable so that they could be comfortable when they wanted to escape to the countryside,” explains Delás. Spending time outdoors became a global necessity after months of lockdown and restrictions, and this small 13 square meter self-catering space, located in a pine forest near Llucmajor, offers those who stay there the chance to reconnect with nature. nature. “It’s like being in a motorhome.

The shelter has the same 12/24 volt battery system and all facilities are designed to be self-sufficient and independent of the space they serve. It is a new mobile way of living. In addition, the 12-volt electrical system avoids the installation of an inverter, which reduces the chances of fire accidents and, above all, encourages living with less energy use”, says the architect, who focused the intervention on recovering and enhancing the original building structure. To optimize the space, she introduced “light, views and furniture made to measure with hand-sawn marés stone”. The façade is also made of this traditional Majorcan stone. “The refuge is very close to an old quarry and there are still five or six quarries on the island from which this stone is extracted.”

The stools and the table are made with white marés stone taken from the Cas Busso quarry, it is lighter than the traditional one (it almost looks like marble). Asier RuaThe ceiling fan, inspired by the Majorcan windmills in the area, designed with the studio 2Monkeys. The lamp in the background is an invention of portability, it works with rechargeable batteries and the shade is from the Hong Kong fish markets.Asier RuaMariana de Delás behind the window, produced together with the 2Monos studio.Asier RuaIn the only interior space It covers 13 square meters, the workbench is made with sandstone. The fabric of the mats is by Teixits Vicens, and the painting on the sofa is by Felipe Martinez Villalba, a Colombian artist based in Madrid.Asier RuaView of the living space from the outsideAsier Ruael Solar Roller and a mobile solar wheelbarrow that can be placed in the optimal position with respect to the sun to recharge the batteries that are used to power the electrical elements inside the shelter, such as the water pump, lighting and ventilation.Asier Rua

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