964 Where Is The Telephone Code? +964 Area Code Belongs to Which Country?

964 Where Is The Telephone Code?

964 is the dialing code of Iraq. Especially Iraq, which stands out as Turkey’s neighbor, is one of the most sought after countries through Turkey. Since calls are made mostly within official institutions, landlines have an important place in this regard. After entering the phone code number 964, it is possible to access different cities in Iraq by dialing the relevant number. The relevant point can be reached via the telephone code for visit or commercial purposes and many other purposes. At the same time, when faced with the number 964 on the phone, it is understood that this call came from Iraq.

+964 Area Code Belongs to Which Country?

Iraq calls and communicates via the 964 area code. This situation is especially expressed as +964. In this way, after users enter the number, they add the fixed number and ensure that they do not call as required. Regardless of the purpose, the country of Iraq can be reached with the number 964 at the international level from Turkey and all other countries. Of course, the important thing here is to know the fixed number in Iraq that you want to reach. Calling via fixed lines has an important place, especially since a lot of trade takes place in the company of Turkey and Iraq, along with the border gate.

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