8-year-old Meryem, who was playing with a scooter, was hit by a shuttle vehicle – Last Minute Turkey News

8-year-old Meryem Akarsu, who was allegedly sliding on a toy scooter with her twin on the pavement in front of her house, on Monday, May 29, at 17.00 in Ünalan District of Üsküdar district of Istanbul, was hit by a shuttle vehicle, which allegedly entered the street quickly.

While the little boy was seriously injured, the bus driver tried to flee the scene.

While the surrounding citizens who saw the incident informed the police and medical teams, they tried to stop the fleeing driver.


After the chase in the side streets, the citizens blocked the escaped service vehicle.

After the medical teams gave the first aid to the seriously injured little boy at the scene, he took him to the hospital by ambulance.

8-year-old Meryem Akarsu could not be saved despite all the interventions made here and lost her life.

The bus driver, who was caught by the citizens, Refik Ö. He was handed over to the police and taken into custody.


In the first statement given by the driver Refik Ö., it was learned that he did not escape after the accident, but tried to take his vehicle forward to clear the way, and that this was thought to be escaped by the people around.


Refik Ö., who was transferred to the courthouse after the procedures at the police station. He was arrested on the subject of “Reckless Killing” and sent to prison.

The funeral of 8-year-old Meryem Akarsu, taken from the Forensic Medicine Institute by her family, was buried after the funeral prayer performed at the Unalan Cuba Mosque yesterday.

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