740 HP “Batur” from Bentley – Car News

The car was developed by the Mulliner bespoke division of the Volkswagen Group brand and follows the low-volume Bacalar. The car, which is planned to be produced only 18 units, takes its name from a lake on the Indonesian island of Bali. Batur’s infrastructure is based on the Continental GT coupe.

Price determined

It will use Bentley’s 12-cylinder engine tuned to produce more than 730 hp (740 PS), making it the most powerful model the brand has ever produced. Despite having a combustion engine, the Batur’s simplified body design is similar to Bentley’s first electric car, due to be produced in 2026, where aerodynamics will play a big role. It is emphasized that the price of the vehicle will be under £2 million ($2.44 million) in the UK domestic market.

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