52 suspects arrested in drug operation in Izmir

Izmir Provincial Police Department Anti-Narcotic Crimes Branch teams, with the support of the Intelligence Branch, followed the suspects engaged in drug trafficking in Aliağa, Bergama, Menemen and Torbalı. After 3 months of work, an operation was carried out with 550 personnel, including 200 teams and 5 special operations teams.

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In the operation where 1 police helicopter provided air support and 10 narcotic dogs were used; 3 thousand 750 grams of methamphetamine, 650 grams of cannabis, 4 thousand 737 synthetic pills, 115 drug pills, 62 root cannabis, 4 sensitive scales were seized. In addition, 19 unlicensed pistols and materials used in the manufacture of pistols, 2 hunting rifles, 40 cartridges and 52 coins were seized as part of the operation. While 52 people were arrested within the scope of the operation, 13 suspects were released on condition of judicial control.

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