5-10 times larger than existing wells

Upon the discovery of oil reserves in Gabar Mountain, which was cleared from terrorism, after the seismic research started in 2020, Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) initiated a study under the coordination of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. With the works, the first well was put into operation on September 13, 2021, with the name ‘Martyr Esma Çevik-1’. Oil came out from 1 artesian well drilled in the Martyr Esma Çevik Oil Field, where 10 thousand barrels of daily production is obtained from the wells. Governor Osman Bilgin stated that the oil extracted is 10 times the size of other wells and said, “Martyr Aybüke Yalçın Field, Gabar region is promising in every aspect for the development of our country. It is important both in terms of economy and energy independence of our country. We are an oil-rich province and now we can say that ; Şırnak is an oil city. There are very serious studies here. Only in the Aybüke Yalçın field, 4 wells will be worked in the coming days, but the works are continuing in the Martyr Esma Çevik field, Akçay region. The 21st well was drilled there. Thankfully, yesterday, a well that came out of a water well we call artesian. “There was a very intense oil at the water level. This is very pleasing to us. The determination of the well is at a new stage. This is a very new well, we have no chance to give figures, but it is a well that is 4-5 or even 10 times the size of the existing wells,” he said.

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Stating that this shows that TPAO’s work is on the right track, Governor Bilgin said, “It turns out that the determinations that Gabar is an oil point are very accurate. From our point of view, the concept of ‘Gabar Mountain is an oil mountain’ fits perfectly. This is the finding. Because there was a normal level of oil extraction in the wells drilled until today. This is not the case. This is just like the artesian in the water well we know. When we think of a thousand or 2,000 barrels in existing wells, maybe we will find the figure of 8-10 thousand barrels here. It is correct to give a number now It may not be because it is a new discovery. We have just received those images from the wells. After 2 years, the daily oil production in Şırnak will be 80 million dollars. All of our works in the Gabar region yield oil. Some 1500, some 2,000 barrels of oil. But especially in Aybüke The oil discovery in the Yalçın Gabar field is 1 billion barrels, which is a very large figure, a figure of 80 billion dollars with today’s figures. A $16 billion discovery in the Esma Çevik field. In short, someone is 200 million barrels, someone is 1 billion barrels. Currently, the total production in both of our fields is 12 thousand barrels, but we will increase it to 20 thousand by the end of the year. But within 2 years, only Aybüke Yalçın Field will be 100 thousand barrels. This equates to $8 million a day. It’s a huge number,” he said.

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Stating that they are carrying out oil exploration activities in 8 different regions of the city, Governor Bilgin said:

“Work on drilling oil production wells continues in both regions. Today, exploration studies are carried out in all the mountains of Şırnak. We have estimates that there will be reserves in Bestler Creeks and Kato Mountains far above those in Gabar. In Bestler Creeks and Kato Mountain regions, Gabar’ It is estimated that there is 5 times more oil than that. Today, we can see that 80 tankers were sent from Şırnak to Batman. There is an extraordinary work and effort. At the end of this extraordinary work and effort, there is production. Şırnak has now torn its shell. Şırnak will no longer discuss employment or hardship in the next period. “He will discuss good things. He will discuss sports and production. Currently, the oil that comes out of Şırnak is 5 times that of Batman. Revision of the reserve with a newly drilled drilling in a field that has been discovered. That is, the increase of the reserve. The reserve is not 10 times. Today, the oil coming out of that well is 10 times higher.” 10 times the oil produced from a well.”

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