4 people injured in landlord-tenant fight in Sultangazi – Last Minute Türkiye News

In Sultangazi İsmetpaşa Mahallesi, there was a dispute, allegedly, due to the disagreement between the landlord and the tenant. The argument turned into a fight. When the relatives of the parties who were aware of the situation arrived at the scene, the fight escalated.

In the fight of the parties attacking each other with knives, stones, sticks and iron bars, 4 people were injured in various parts. A person injured by a knife blow took refuge in the garden of a nearby school. Parents and teachers rushed to the aid of the person who collapsed on the ground in the garden.

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Upon receiving the news, many police and medical teams were sent to the scene. While the 2 injured people went to a private hospital with their own means, the other 2 injured were taken to the hospital by ambulance after the first intervention of the medical teams at the scene. While many people involved in the incident were detained, the police investigation continues.

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