4 awards to CNN TÜRK from Zoom News Images Competition

The 27th International Zoom News Footage Competition was held. The competition was held with the support of the Turkish News Cameramen Association and the Directorate of Communications. CNN TÜRK teams left their mark on the competition with 4 awards.

The first award goes to CNN TÜRK Special News Chief Fulya Öztürk. Öztürk was deemed worthy of the Karabakh special award for his devoted reporting during the Karabakh war and his contribution to strengthening the bond between Turkey and Azerbaijan.

CNN TÜRK Cameraman Halil Kahraman took first place in the drone news category. These images taken after the February 6 earthquakes brought Kahraman the award.

CNN TÜRK Editing Operator Onur Kurt was deemed worthy of the best editing award in the news editing category with his special news on Turkey’s stars at the age of 30.

CNN TÜRK cameraman Buğra Benlioğlu was deemed worthy of an award in the special news category. Benlioğlu received the 2nd prize with his news of the danger at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant during the Russia-Ukraine war.

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