38 sheep died in a barn struck by lightning

Last night, lightning struck the tree next to the barn where Alparslan Delibıçak, a sheep breeder in Bahçe village of the center, kept his sheep. Delibıçak went to the corral and saw dozens of sheep lying motionless on the ground.

Delibıçak, who counted the animals in the barn, determined that 38 of her 200 sheep died.

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Alparslan Delibıçak stated that heavy rains were effective at night. “As the rain lost its strength, lightning began to strike. At that time, lightning struck the tree under which the animals were lying. When I ran to the corral, I saw a lot of animals lying on the ground. In the morning, officials from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry carried out a damage assessment study. I have a loss of approximately 60 thousand liras” said.

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The dead sheep were buried in the pits dug with the construction equipment.

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