36th National Games: Gujarat To Host ‘Olympics of India’ in September-October 2022 – Indian Olympic Association

The IOA(Indian Olympic Association) has taken the decision after Gujarat Olympic Association and the state govt jointly revealed their interest in hosting the 36th National Games.

36th National Games have been postponed several times due to various reasons, the National Games will be held in various cities in Gujarat from September 2022 to October 2022, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) Secretary General Rajiv Mehta told media on Wednesday.

The IOA took the decision after the state government and Gujarat Olympic Association together expressed their interest in hosting the Games.

“The Gujarat govt told us that it backs the expression of interest of the state Olympic Association to host the Games and we are happy to accept their proposal,” Mehta told News Media(PTI).

“The Games will be held in five or six urban areas in Gujarat, remembering Ahmedabad for September-October. The specific dates will be reported following a couple of days. We are glad that the Games will be held after a ton of deferral,” he added.

Mehta said the IOA VIP took the choice in “fast time” since it needed to arrange the Games this year after numerous postponements.

“The top of the food chain has the ability to take the choice and take the endorsement of the general place of the IOA later. Regardless, we have taken the endorsement of numerous NSFs and state bodies through email.

“We are likewise going to assemble a General Body Conference to confirm a few significant choices as well as the facilitating of National Games. We will move toward Delhi High Court and Supreme Court (where cases including IOA are forthcoming) to permit us to call a GBM,” Mehta said.

The last National Games were held in Kerala in 2015 and Goa was to have the 36th release in November 2016. After two deferrals in 2018 and 2019 because of the state’s powerlessness to make a sufficient framework, the Games were additionally delayed to 2020.

Coronavirus then, at that point, constrained the deferment of the National Games and the Goa government was as yet unsure whether facilitating them this year will be capable.

“Goa has let IOA know that they won’t have the option to have the National Games this year. Thus, let Gujarat has the Games, which is really great for everyone. We feel Gujarat has the ability as the state government has upheld the proposition.

“We can then have the National Games consistently, as in Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya.”

He said Gujarat can give the necessary foundation to have the National Games in such a brief time frame as the state as of now has top offices in different games.

“Gujarat as of now has top offices and we are sure that the state can have the Games. The solid support by the state government secured the issue. Obviously, groups from IOA will investigate the offices.”

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