’30 August Victory Day’ message from Aliyev

In a statement made by the Presidency of Azerbaijan, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev congratulated President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on the occasion of August 30 Victory Day on behalf of him and the Azerbaijani people.

In his message, Aliyev pointed out that the glorious victory won in Dumlupınar under the command of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk a hundred years ago is one of the most honorable pages in the heroic history of the Turkish people: “This great victory, engraved with golden letters in the history of Turkey’s struggle for independence and independence, is the indomitable sign of your people. It is a clear example of will, invincibility, unity and valor. We commemorate with deep respect and reverence the cherished memory of our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the freedom and independence of their homeland. A century after the glorious victory, brotherly Turkey has become a powerful and mighty country that has developed in many ways under your leadership. Turkey has gained influence in the international community with its determined and principled position in the complex processes in the world and the region, and its consistent efforts to establish peace and justice. We are very proud of the achievements of your country in all areas.”

Stating that the unity, brotherhood and alliance between Azerbaijan and Turkey, which is based on the principle of ‘one nation, two states’, is unique in the world, Aliyev said, “It is a pleasing situation that our interstate relations are expanding and enriching with new contents day by day. I am confident that we will continue our joint efforts to strengthen our strategic alliance and deepen our mutually beneficial cooperation, stemming from the will of our brotherly peoples who have supported each other throughout history, as well as the Shusha Declaration. My dear brother, on the occasion of this important day, I sincerely congratulate you once again and wish you health, happiness and success in your business, and always peace and prosperity to the brotherly people of Turkey.

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