2nd hand new arrangement made the dealers happy

Automotive Authorized Dealers Association (OYDER) made a statement in parallel with the regulation change made by the TR Ministry of Commerce on “Trade of Second-Hand Motor Vehicles”, which was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force as of August 16, 2022. OYDER President Dr. Altuğ Erciş underlined the importance of the new application and said;

“With the new regulation change, the sales and marketing of the first registered vehicles for 6 months and 6,000 km has been restricted. As we mentioned before, we, as Automotive Authorized Dealers, support this decision to prevent speculative movements in the market, and our Minister, Dr. We would like to thank all the Ministry staff, especially Mehmet Muş. The fact that the decision was made temporarily to cover a certain period of time also shows that our Ministry trusts our sector dynamics and believes that the problems will be resolved once the global effects are eliminated. I believe that this practice, which we believe will eliminate the opportunistic approaches that appear in our industry from time to time, will eliminate both unfair claims on Authorized Dealers and unfair competitors seeking high profits. “

Sites are on the move

On the other hand, the digital commerce site sahibinden.com has announced that it will implement some important changes in order to increase transparency regarding motor land vehicle trade and to protect the consumer.

In this context; Only authorized dealers of automotive brands will be able to post new motor vehicles. Sellers other than the authorized dealers will be able to select the “Condition of the Vehicle” criterion only as “Second Hand” when placing an advertisement and enter at least 6,000 km for the “Vehicle Mileage”.

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