25th Turkish Choir Festival starts tomorrow

The Turkish Choir Festival, organized for the 25th time this year by the Turkish Polyphonic Choirs Association, starts tomorrow. Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation, Women’s Choir and Voice of Friendship Choir will participate in the Turkish Choirs Festival. In addition, the Power of Awareness Association Awareness Choir, MÜZED Muammer Sun Education Choir, MÜZED Muammer Sun Mixed Choir, and Muzaffer Arkan Polyphonic Choir will give concerts at the festival. The festival will take place between 27 May – 4 June at the Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center. In the festival, in which 98 choirs will participate, different concerts will be held in Ankara until 4 June. The program of some concerts in the festival will be as follows:

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. The Power of Awareness Association Awareness Choir led by Chief Cihan Can: Wednesday, May 31, at 20.00

. SCA Music Foundation Women’s Choir under the baton of Conductor Cihan Can and MÜZED Muammer Sun Education Choir under the direction of Atilla Çağdaş Değer: Thursday, June 1, 20.00

. SCA Music Foundation Voice of Friendship Choir under the baton of Zuhal Kaynar and MÜZED Muammer Sun Mixed Choir under the baton of Atilla Çağdaş Değer: Friday, June 2 at 20.00

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. Muzaffer Arkan Polyphonic Choir conducted by Conductor Nilgün Tuzkaya: Saturday, June 3, at 18.00

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