25 million lira worth of smuggled goods at the border gate – Last Minute Türkiye News

Minister of Trade Ömer Bolat reported that smuggled goods worth 25 million lira were seized in a truck at Öncüpınar Customs Gate.

Bolat shared information about the operation in question on his social media account.

Congratulating the team that carried out the operation, Bolat said, “As the Ministry of Commerce, we do not tolerate smugglers. Our Customs Enforcement organization continues its work meticulously, playing an active role in the fight against illegal trade and prioritizing public health and safety. Our teams killed 25 people in the operation carried out against a truck at the Öncüpınar Customs Gate. “They seized medicines and chemicals worth millions of lira, as well as electronic goods including cameras, drones and mobile phones.” he said.


A statement regarding the operation was also made by the Ministry of Commerce. According to the statement, within the framework of the risk analysis studies carried out by the Öncüpınar Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate teams, in the search of the TIR arriving at the Öncüpınar Customs Gate to go to Syria, 266 thousand 723 various medicines hidden in plastic cases and 57 canisters determined to be approximately 280 liters. “Diethyl ether” type chemicals, 30 electronic items including drones and cameras, and 16 mobile phones were seized. The value of the smuggled goods was determined to be approximately 25 million lira.

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