2 arrest warrants in cobblestone and knife attack

The attacker and the person accompanying him, who injured high school student Merve with a paving stone in Istanbul’s Sultangazi district and cut off the ear of her friend who was trying to help her, were brought to court. The attacker and the person accompanying him were arrested and sent to prison.

The attacker and the person accompanying him, who injured high school student Merve in the face with a paving stone and her friend in the ear with a knife in Sultangazi, were arrested. In Sultangazi Eski Habipler District, around 15.30 on September 7, a 10th grade student named Merve NK left the house and met with a friend to get her school books. A group of men verbally harassed the young girl and her friend, who were sitting in a park next to the school. Ç.İ. The young man named had reacted by warning the group that was disturbing Merve NK and her friend. Ç.İ., who was beaten in the fight that broke out. They took their girlfriends and walked away from the scene, and the group followed them and attacked the young people they were following with their friends, once again. At that moment, a paving stone thrown by one of the group hit Merve N.K.’s face, and the young girl had 5 broken teeth and was taken to the hospital. Stitches were applied to the young girl’s face and to the cut ear of Ç.İ., who was injured during the argument. In the study carried out by the Istanbul Police Department teams, OAA, who threw the paving stone, was caught and taken into custody. During the investigation, OAA’s Merve NK and Ç.İ. It was determined that he studied at the same school. After being processed at the police station, the suspect was referred to the courthouse for the crime of “deliberate injury”. On the other hand, it was learned that another person involved in the incident was detained and referred to the courthouse. Both suspects were arrested by the judicial authorities to whom they were referred and sent to prison.

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