11-year-old boy shot by police after calling the police in the US

The event took place in Indianola, Mississippi, USA.

The father, who came home early Saturday morning, angrily instructed his son to call the police.

However, the reason for the request was not disclosed.

According to the mother’s statement, when the police officer arrived at the house, he pointed his gun at the front door and said that he wanted everyone inside to come out.

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As his son turned the corner of the corridor, the officer opened fire and shot Aderrien in the chest.

According to the information in TRT Haber, the boy who was injured by the gun started to cry by asking the police officer, “Why did he shoot me, what did I do?”

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Aderrien was taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, given a chest tube and connected to a ventilator.

The boy is recovering at home after being discharged from the hospital where he was treated for lung collapse, rib fractures and liver rupture.

His mother, Nakala Murry, wanted the officer fired and charged.

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Murry and his family’s attorney, Carlos Moore, urged authorities to take further action.

Officials said the officer was placed on paid administrative leave.

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