1 life sentence, 2 acquittal in the death of Tuğçe, who was shot in the head

Tuğçe Mutlu was found dead on 30 May last year in her home in Hacettepe District of Altındağ district. It was determined that Mutlu’s body, which was determined to have been shot in the head with a gun, was washed and wrapped in a blanket.

Some drugs were also seized during the investigation at the house. Oğuzhan Karakaya, the automobile mechanic who allegedly killed Tuğçe Mutlu, was detained within the scope of the investigation initiated by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.


Karakaya said that his lover Songül Saylam and Tuğçe Mutlu were roommates, the two of them had an argument.

In line with Karakaya’s statement, Saylam was also detained for allegedly instigating the murder. Songül Saylam, on the other hand, did not accept the accusations and claimed that Oğuzhan Karakaya was melancholy and obsessively attached to her and did not suggest that she should do anything.

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Karakaya and Saylam were arrested by the judge in the courthouse where they were transferred. The prosecutor’s office opened a separate investigation against the child BFY, who was found to have given the murder weapon to Karakaya.

CASE AGAINST Aggravated life sentence

At the end of the investigation, a lawsuit was filed against Oğuzhan Karakaya and Songül Saylam with aggravated life sentences for “deliberate killing by design”, and up to 20 years in prison for BFY, who was dragged into crime, for “helping to kill deliberately by design”.

Arrested defendants Karakaya, Saylam, pending defendant BFY and the attorneys of the parties attended the decision hearing of the case at the Ankara 21st High Criminal Court. The court board gave the word to the prosecutor, who explained the previous hearing’s opinion. Repeating his opinion, the prosecutor demanded life imprisonment for Karakaya, who confessed to committing the murder, and his lover Saylam, for allegedly inciting him, on the charge of “deliberate murder”.

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The prosecutor stated that although BFY, who was dragged into crime, did not know about the incident, the phone calls before and after giving the gun to Karakaya proved that he was aware of the incident, and demanded his imprisonment for up to 15 years on the charge of ‘deliberately helping to kill’.


Defendant Karakaya, who made a defense against the opinion, said that he committed the murder as a result of a momentary anger, and that no one instigated him. Defendant Saylam, on the other hand, stated that he had nothing to do with the murder and demanded his acquittal and release.

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BFY, the juvenile dragged into crime, also demanded his acquittal. Announcing its decision after the statements, the court sentenced the accused Karakaya to life imprisonment for the crime of ‘deliberate killing’. The defendants Saylam and BFY were acquitted as there was no evidence that they had committed the alleged crimes. Along with the decision, the court also decided to release the accused Saylam.

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